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Choices is based at Water Lane Cottage, 12 Water Lane, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire CM23 2JZ
Had an Abortion?

Has the immediate relief gone and life not returned to normal for you?

Maybe you’re struggling with emotional difficulties you weren’t expecting or are still burying painful feelings?

Maybe it happened years ago but you still find it difficult to talk about and wonder if the emotional hurts will ever go away?

We are offering a sensitive and supportive programme called "The Journey" for women (and men) troubled by a past abortion. Our trained Advisors can help you to explore your feelings and find healthy ways of dealing with your emotions.

Going through "The Journey" has helped many women put their experiences of having had an abortion to rest and move on with renewed hope for the future.

For a story of how “The Journey” has helped some people watch Reannon’s Story: